On in-service days.

<Driving to work, I spot two kids in standardized dress with backpacks on, walking toward the school. Because I’m nice, I slow down and roll my window down.>
“Hey-you guys know you don’t have school today, right?”
“It’s an in-service day.”
“It’s a what?”
“You know, teachers go and you don’t?”
“Are you serious, Miss?”
“Yes. I go to work, you go back to bed.”
<They both stop walking.>
“For real?”
“Dude, she’s like, not in her work clothes.”
“Yep! Jeans! See? Go home.”
“Alright, thanks, Miss! Bro, you wanna get donuts first?”
<I start to drive away.>
“Nah, man, I want to get Takis, Monster, donuts, AND pizza. We can eat all day now that we’re up!”
<They laugh and high-five. Teenagers are gross and strange.>


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