On what item represents them.

<In honor of our last day of House on Mango Street, my students took a page from Esperanza’s ‘red balloon’ bit and  wrote what inanimate object they identified most as and why. Here are some of the best ones.>

“I am like a band-aid, I’ll stick for a little while, but eventually, I’ll fall off and leave you clueless.”

“I am a bottle because I am full of information and secrets that no one can get out because my lips are sealed.”

“I am a tire because I like to roll with my friends.”

“I am a camera because everyone smiles at me, and sometimes, I’m out of focus.”

“I am a potato because I am quiet and potatoes don’t talk.”

…and one of them told me what they wish they were.

“I want to be reincarnated as a chalkboard, because no one uses me anymore, and so I can just be left alone.”


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