On flawed gender roles.

<A group of three guys ended up working with sequins as a manipulative during one of our STAAR prep rotations. I expected them to hate it.>

“Um, you guys – you’re doing some serious bedazzling here.”
“It’s so awesome, Miss.”
“I mean, you’re showing up the girls’ paper in a big way.”
“I know, it’s ’cause girls, they always get to work with shiny stuff and glitter. But boys aren’t supposed to, which is stupid, because we like shiny stuff, too.”
“I guess I never thought of that.”
“It’s ’cause you’re a girl. But look, PROOF!”
<Points at a rather impressive question mark.>
“That’s beauuuuuutiful.”
“Of course it is. Psssh. We’re the best bedazzlers ever.”

It should be noted that this group additionally bedazzled their folders and the instructions sheet for this section. I was suitably impressed.


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