On choosing the right part.

<Today, my students were acting out the fight scene from Act III, scene i of Romeo and Juliet. With pool noodles.>

<Student reads ahead for his next line.>
“Wait a minute – cut!”
“What’s wrong?”
“I DIE in this scene?”
“Yep. Keep going.”
“No. No way. No way can V— kill me. He can’t even hit me with this sword”
“You should have picked Romeo when you volunteered, then”
“Romeo’s an idiot.”
“Okay, well, Romeo kills Tybalt, so…die.”
“Nah, Miss, I picked Tybalt because he’s all violent and cool! And I only get to kill one dude before I die?”
“Well, sometimes people who are angry and violent meet and untimely death.”
“I know you’re trying to teach me a life lesson here, but I’m not going to learn it.”


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