Month: December 2014

On the best Christmas card yet.

Sorry I’ve been so quiet, it’s been crazy busy, as always this time of year. But I’ll catch up with all my scribbled-on scraps of paper tomorrow.

For now, here’s my fave Christmas card (I’ve gotten 11 so far):

Photo Dec 18


On paraphrasing Romeo and Juliet

The first thing I did when I returned from NYC was grade my students’ comic strip versions of Romeo and Juliet, Act 3, scenes 2-4. 

These scenes are filled with classic teenage drama. 

My version:

Basically, Juliet finds out Romeo killed Tybalt, is more upset about Romeo being in trouble, and Romeo says he wishes he had a death sentence rather than banishment because being away from Juliet is pure torture (cool down, bro). Then, Juliet’s parents are like, “Paris, bro, we know it’s in bad taste and all because her cousin just died, but you’re totally marrying Juliet on Thursday. Get excited.” And Paris is like, “Yes. I’m down with that.” Then Romeo and Juliet say goodbye, and when her parents try to force her to marry Paris, Juliet is like, “hells no,” and her nurse is like, “Forget Romeo, marry Paris. He’s way better.” Which, of course, makes Juliet run away to make her own stupid plan. 

The best parts of their versions:

That time when they knew just who Romeo was:


Those times when they told it like it is:

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That time that their illustration was on fleek:


Those times when they knew what Romeo was really thinking:

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That time they really used setting to tell the story:


Those times when they basically quoted my reactions from class:

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On being on the same page.

<Student raises hand.>
“Miss V, can I come show you my work so I can make sure we’re on the same page?”
“Of course!”
<Student comes over and hands me papers. I look.>
“These are football rankings.”
“Yeah, I just wanted to make sure that you knew Missouri’s going to lose this weekend.”