Month: January 2015

On musicians & race.

<Students come in to tutoring arguing good-naturedly.>
“You’re like- a fake Mexican because you like his English better than his Spanish.”
“Girl, shut up. I liked Prince Royce way before you, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Mmmm, I don’t know, I mean, I like ‘Stuck on a Feeling,’ but ‘Me Encanta’ is hard to beat, even if it’s a totally different sound, you know?”
“Miss – you know Prince Royce?”
“OH MY GOD. You’re a fake Mexican and she’s a fake white lady!”

<Side note: I used this as inspiration for my grammar warm up sentences tomorrow. Hopefully this will inspire more quotes.>


On my outfit.

“Miss, that dress is…unique.”
“Yeah, sometimes I’m pretty nerdy.”
“I mean, you don’t look nerdy, you just look like Miss Frizzle.”

<Fave compliment of the day right there, guys. And accurate. See below.>

Photo Jan 27, 7 07 36 PM

On my hipster status.

<Discussing my literary preferences while trying to help a kid find a book to check out in the library.>
“Miss, how can you not like Tom Sawyer?
“It’s boring. I don’t like it. I also hate┬áJohn Steinbeck.”
“I bet you also hate Forrest Gump.”
“I don’t care for it.”
“Ugh, no. So bad.”
“OH my GOD, Miss. You were, like, a hipster before there were hipsters. Or maybe you were like, the original hipster. You hate everything lots of people like!”
“Eh, maybe, I don’t know. I don’t really like hipsters.”
“You’re so hipster you don’t even like your own kind? Dear GOD, you’re like the hipster queen!”

On my examples

<Discussing the STAAR essay prompt.>
“I can tell you guys all day how to write an appropriate STAAR essay, but when you sit down and open that test booklet, it’s all you. I want you to use our strategies and write global examples, but if you choose to draw a walrus riding a purple unicorn, I can’t stop you.”
“Miss, sometimes you scare me. Like now.”

On classroom changes.

“Miss, why is the orphan paper board called St. Anthony’s now?”
“St. Anthony’s is the orphanage in Last Summer of the Death Warriors.”
“Ooh, so it, like, connects. I get it.”
“That’s like, cute and lame and creative at the same time.”
“Well, yeah, because she’s a teacher. It’s, like, part of her training.”


On time.

“Miss, is it after primetime yet? If it is, can I go to the bathroom?”
“Iiiiit’s…” <checks phone> “…11:11. So yes, and the rest of us will make a wish.”
<Complete silence while assumedly all the students make a wish.>
“Good, so let’s keep going.”
“This was a nice moment. I feel like hugging someone.”