On the end of last semester.

While cleaning up and getting ready to go back to work next week (too soon), I found a few scribbled down quotes from my students floating on my desk. Here they are, all in one:

<student sneezes>
“Bless you!”
“Bless you!”
“Bless you!”
“Bless you!”

<Reading the last scene of Romeo and Juliet, I pick a volunteer.>
“What do you want to play?”
“You got it.” <I write student’s name next to role on the board.”
“Yay! I get to die today!”

<Our fantastic librarian shows us the books she’s reading: The Book With No Pictures.>
“Oh. This is one of those hipster books.”

“Why do people fail your class sometimes, Miss?”
“Because they’re idiots.”
“Mike Jones!”
“Never mind, I got it.”


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