Month: February 2015

On my crisis avoidance skills

<Student comes into my room during passing period with a snowball.>
“Think fast!”
<Kid throws it at one of my students, but I grab it in mid-air, one-handed.>
“OH MY GOD, Miss! You’re like a ninja!”
“Like one, but not one.”
“This is literally the safest I’ve ever felt at school.”

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On people standing in snow.

<To another student walking into class.>
“I saw your boyfriend waiting for you outside today.”
“He had snow in his hair. He looked like a frosted mini wheat.”

On dashed hopes.

<Students are trying to find the right page for their warm ups. I’ve described it as “the one with Harry Potter drawings.”>
“Where is Harry Potter?”
“Why is he so hard to find?”
“Because he has to hide from Voldemort.”
“You went there. You went there.”
“Why are you surprised?”
“I keep hoping you’re cooler than you really are.”

On being tongue-tied.

<Reading aloud to my students for the third time last week, I began stumbling over the words quite a bit.>
“Ugh. Sorry guys, let me start over. Apparently, I’m tired of reading today.”
“Don’t worry Miss, it’s okay. You’ve just gotta sound it out. One word at a time.”
“You can do it, I’ll do it with you, P-A-N-C-H-O…puh-ahn-ch-hooo…”