Month: March 2015

On Kahoot! answers.

<My students played a review game today, using Kahoot!, which means they were a little cray.>
“Oh, it’s the square – it’s the square!”
“No it’s not – you’re lying.”
“Oooo, I swear! I put that on my Daddy’s cat!”


On my choices…in general

“Miss, are you really wearing sunglasses and eating a banana right now?”
“Yep. Guess I forgot to take them off.”
“Why is this happening right now? Are you a spy?”
“Um, no.”
“A banana spy. You’re a banana spy.”
“That’s not a thing.”
“That’s what you’re supposed to say when people ask you if you’re a spy.”

On interpreting drawings.

<Explaining a Tellustrations-like review game to my students.>

“Right. So, here’s our example. What do you notice in this picture?”
“A dead student.”
“Why is he dead?”
“The eyes are just ‘x’s.”
“No – he’s pooping!”
“Without a toilet?”
“Well, he’s not sitting on anything.”
“That just means he’s a ghost.”
“Okay, Miss, final answer: this is the ghost of a student pooping.”

<For the record, it was a very accurate stick figure of a student failing a test.>

On Hollywood vs real life.

“Miss, can I ask you a question?”
“Sure. Go for it.”
“Why in the movies do they always use a spoon to spread stuff like mayo and mustard, but then in real life, no one does that?”
“I don’t know.”
“A butter knife is your best friend when making a sandwich. You know I’m right.”

On career day choices.

<Last Friday, my students dressed up for career day. After school, I had this conversation.>
“You’re wearing a monkey?”
“For Career Day.”
“Ah, I see.”
“I’m not going to be a zoologist, though. I’m just going to be a video game designer who has a pet monkey.”

On song choice.

<I put on Scott Bradlee and the Postmodern Jukebox during independent reading time for background music.>
“Miss, why can’t we listen to something good?”
“We are listening to something good.”
“This is not as good as ‘Get Low.'”
“That song came out when I was in high school.”
“Are you saying you know all the words or something?”
“I’m saying that when I’m trying to get my dogs in the house, I say, [in rhythm]’Ah, Skeet Skeet Skeet Skeet Skeet Skeet.'”
“It’s my job. Now hush and read.”

(This happening is more legit if you know that I have a dog named Skeeter. And if you know they radio edit of ‘Get Low.’)