On going the extra mile.

Yesterday, one of my students came in and brought me her monster project. Let me just note that she didn’t like the one we made in class, so she chose to take the initiative to go home, make her own from her own supplies, and bring it to me. With no ulterior motive.

So, while there is a funny little quip from her in here, this post deserves to happen because kiddos like this make me remember why learning is awesome.

“Miss V – here’s my monster project!”
<Places amaze-balls monster on my desk.>

Photo Apr 30, 3 40 32 PM
“But you turned one in already!”
“I know, but I really didn’t like it, and I wanted my monster to be all it could be. Like the army, but evil.”
“This is fantastic. I’m going to put it on my desk and look at it every time the kids are bad and I want to lose faith in humanity.”
“So, most of this class period then.”


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