On May the Fourth.

<Today, I wore my Darth Vader dress. Apparently, though my 2B had a subdued in-person reaction, not so much on social media.>

Photo May 04, 5 12 34 PM

“Miss, you know you’re famous, right?”
“Oh, am I on Snapchat?”
“Twelve times.”

“You’d better be quiet, or she will choke you out.”

“Say, ‘I’m your mother’ in a really deep voice!”
“I can’t do it.”
“That’s not what Vader would say.”

<Student talks during reading. I stop and stare with pursed lips. Student commences fake-choking and falls on the floor, apparently dead.>

“Did that lava really hurt you?”

“I loved you in The Lion King.”

<General Vader breathing. During the entirety of Book 16 of the Odyssey.>

“Where’s your lightsaber?”

“Oh, see, now I get it – you’re ACTUALLY a machine. This explains so much.”


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