On grocery store meet cutes.

<AFTER my jog, I ran by the grocery store to grab some fruit and ended up in line for a cashier I taught about 3 years ago in middle school. As I’m throwing my produce onto the conveyor, the guy ahead of me turns around.>
“Post-workout snack?”
“Nice. I always think I should go by the store after I work out, but I’m too self-conscious to do it, so I just go home and eat chips.”
<Former student starts scanning the guy’s items.>
“What, you don’t want to go shopping all red-in-the-face and sweaty? I wonder why.”
“Right? Not attractive. It’s a good look on you, though.”
“Please don’t hit on my teacher in front of me, dude. Please. Don’t.”
“Maybe he was just being nice, D—–.”
“Oh, no, I was hitting on you.”
“That’s it, now I have to quit.”


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