On meeting their parents.

<Today was a long one – but I had more parents visit me than ever before…and their kids were SO entertaining.>

Former student’s parent: “Miss VanSickle! Oh, I miss talking to you!”
Current student’s parent: “She talks to parents, oh good!”
Current student: “She talks to everyone, Mom, don’t feel special.”

“Oh, hi! I’m Miss VanSickle, it’s nice to meet you!”
“This is my mom.”
“I’m sorry.”
“For what?”
“That you have to put up with him.”
“Oh, no, he’s great! I love having him in class!”
“See, Mom? I told you she’s crazy.”

Student’s mom: “How can you have attitude with a teacher who’s wearing hot dog earrings?

“She’s the cool teacher.”
“I bet you say that about all of us.”
<Parents> “NOPE.”
<Little sister> “No, she doesn’t talk to the other ones.”


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