Month: February 2016

On birthdays.

“Y’all, for real, I’m fixing to turn up on Saturday. I’m gonna have a bounce house and everything.”
“How old will you be turning, again?”
“Isn’t that a little old for a bounce house?”
“Um, didn’t you tell us you had a Harry Potter birthday part when you were 26?”
“You’re never too old for a Harry Potter party.”


On fake behavior and struggles.

“I don’t understand why all you quiet when she said you could talk – you talk when you suppose to be quiet, so you all fake.”
“This is my life, kid.”
“Your life is a struggle, Miss. For real.”

On my 90s attire.

“Miss, you look perfect today.”
“Oh, yeah, well, I do the nineties pretty well. I did live them, after all.”
“For real, Miss – those shoes? Clean.”
“That skirt? Clean.”
“Those glasses? Clean.”
“That hair, though…”
“What’s wrong with my hair?”
“Noooothing! It’s like, perfect!”
“One day I want to grow up and be like Miss V.”
“One day I want to grow up and realize that this outfit is just as terrible as her expression is telling us it is.”
“That’ll probably happen.”

On Disney examples

“Miss, I still don’t see how Finding Nemo could be used to show the way people who surround us influence us.”
“Well, don’t you think that his father influenced him?”
“Not really, it’s all about how he goes out to explore and gets in trouble.”
“So why did he go out adventuring?”
“Oh – because his dad was all scared and stuff, and – right, I get it.”
<I nod.>
“No, because he wanted to touch the butt!”
“Right, the boat, yes, but that’s not-“
“Yes, Miss. Sometimes boys are simple and it’s all about the butt.”