On Mother Teresa

“Okay, this is a very good poster, I just have a couple of questions.”
“What’s up?”
“Her shoes…”
“Yeah, we gave her Yeezys, Miss.”
“We thought she deserved them, because she was so giving…we wanted to give to her. To make her cool and all, you know?”
“You realize that Mother Teresa was dead before these shoes came out.”
“Yeah, but that’s okay.”
“Alright…um, her nails? Or I guess just the one?”
“Oh, yeah, those are on fleek, huh, Miss?”
“Sure. But are we sure that a nun would have nails like this? A nun?”
“She’s lit, Miss.”

It actually is a pretty fab poster, so I’ll let them take some artistic license.
Photo May 12, 11 43 21 AM


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