On my recent injury.

So you understand their comments…here’s what I did to myself this weekend. It looks a lot more dramatic in person.
Photo Jun 20, 5 40 29 PM

<Student tries to high-five me, and I pull away just in time.>
“Miss. For real?”
“Sorry, I fell in a hole and hurt my hand.”
<I show him my palm.>
“You fell in a hole.”
“Doing what?”
“Mowing my lawn.”
“Miss – you have like, a room full of Mexican kids who could do that for you.”

<Former student comes by as I run back up to the room to pick up a book.>
“Hey Miss!”
“Hey, do you want a cupcake? I’m leaving them for tomorrow, but if you want…”
<I hold out the tray.>
“Cool, cool, yeah-WHAT THE HELL?”
“I know, they look weird because I melted the icing too much, but-“
“Nah, Miss, nah, I’ma need Benji’s address so I can beat some sense into him.”
“OH! No, no I did this when I fell in a hole. I was mowing my lawn and-“
“Okay, no, then it’s still his fault. What kind of boyfriend lets his clumsy-ass girlfriend mow her own lawn?”
“The fake kind?”
“I hate you.”
<Takes two cupcakes.>


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