On my levels of English nerd.

<Walking down the hallway, chatting with a former student during my off period, we run into another one.>
“Look, I’m just saying that you need to make better choices.”
“Yeah, but Miss-“
“You’re in danger of disappointing me, okay?”
<I side-hug the other student as she walks up.>
“And in case you didn’t know, my good opinion, once lost, is lost forever.”
“OH my God.”
“Nothing, you’re just the most English-nerdy English teacher in existence.”
“Didn’t you already know this?”
“Yeah, she has that tattoo…”
“The tattoo is almost cool. Quoting Mr. Darcy in normal life is not.”
“But you recognized it, in normal life.”
“It’s contagious. I’m infected. Tell my parents I love them after I die of shame.”
“Should I tell them that you could have easily forgiven my pride if it had not mortified yours?”
“Jesus STOP.”



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