Month: November 2016

On my love or hate for them.

“Miss V, do you ever get tired of and hate us? Because I get tired of and hate myself sometimes.”
“I’m just…going to walk over here now…”

<same kid, later>
“At this point, is there anything that I can do to convince you that I’m normal?”
“I thought so.”


On why my life is so awful.

<to another student who dropped a highlighter>”Could you actually learn to catch, for the first time ever?”
“Could you actually do some work for the first time ever?”
“Oh, no, hold up, Miss. I have an A+ in your class, so bring it.”
“Ughhhhh why is my life so awful?”
<Dancing.> “‘Cause I’m in it!” <Continues dancing.>

On bad role models

“Hey! You need to show her some respect!”
“Okay, Miss. I’m’a go ahead and be like Donald Trump and say that I respect all women.”
“Are you then going to go ahead and grab her by the-“
<Whole class> “NO!” “Stop!” “HEY.”
“It’s not my fault that the election gave me bad role models…”

On R&J reactions

<After reading and acting out Act III, scene i of Romeo and Juliet, we’re watching the clip of the fight scene from the 1996 film with Leonardo DiCaprio to compare.>

“Heeeeey Romeo, you cute!”
“Guys, come on, focus.”
“How a thirteen year-old get him?”
<A few minutes later, Romeo starts getting the crap beaten out of him.>
“Noooooo, not the cute one!”
“Miss, they’re messing up his face!”

On instructions

“Okay, when the video starts playing, you’re doing what?”
“Writing down topics we see and hear.”
“Right. But not yet. This is just an ad.”
“What’s this, Miss?”
“An ad.”
“A what?”
“An AD.”
<student writes on foldable> “Repetition…”