Month: October 2017

On my love of the “wrong” things.

<I open an email.>
“Ooooooooooh! How sweet!”
“What is it, Miss?”
“Yeah, boy or girl?”
“Oh, no, it’s not a baby, it’s pan dulce.”
<I drag the email over so they can see.>
“You made the noise people make for babies…because you saw a picture of pan dulce.”
“Miss, come on, what’s wrong with you?”
<All at once, in response to the student:>
“Bro, you can’t even be surprised anymore.”
“I don’t know you.”
“You do you, Miss, you do you.
“Thank you for your support.”


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Why it’s been a minute.

Without giving too much detail that would reveal a little much about who and where I teach, I’d like to offer a bit of an explanation for why I’ve been so silent for the past few months.

First, it was because I was feeling frustrated and negative after some choices about my position at work were taken out of my control. The impending changes to my job were making me resistant to seeing the good that might come (still waiting on that, for the most part).

In addition, our school has been inundated with tragedy for the past few months. Laughing didn’t happen very often, and when it did, it almost felt wrong. The tragedies continue to pile up, but as I told my juniors this week, part of surviving the world we now live in is being able to find the good amongst the bad. Being able to recognize what brings us joy in the midst of sadness.

We all need some positivity in this life, regardless of how happy we are or if everything is following the plan that we’ve laid out for ourselves. And so, I’m going to resume my blog, and hope that it brings me the happiness that I need.