Month: March 2018

On my use of contacts.

<Today, I wore contacts all day for the first time ever. Here are some of my students’ reactions.>

“Miss, you blind now?”

“Miss, did you break your glasses?”

“Oh, you are wearing contact? You look…”
“Pretty, say she looks pretty.”
“Yeah, okay, pretty…”

“Contacts? On you? Do I like it? I feel like I like it.”

“Where’s Miss V—?”
“She’s right there.”
“Nah, that’s not her, that’s some lady who doesn’t wear glasses.”

“Oh you a real G now.”



On my fighting signals.

<At a soccer game, a parent from the other side said something incredibly offensive, and I literally jumped out of my seat to my kids’ defense.>

MHS parent: “No mija!” <pats my arm>

<Former student comes clambering down the stands> “Yo, Miss, it’s aiight, it’s aiight.”

“I’m fine, D- but thanks.”

“You for real, huh? You even took yo’ glasses off and everything. Put those back on, Miss.”

“D- come on. I’m wearing contacts.

“For real? I just thought that was the Miss V version of taking your earrings off and I was like, ‘YOOOOOOO, shit’s about to get REAL!’ But I guess you came ready to fight, huh?”