On deciding their futures in the worst way.

“Hey Miss.”
<Student walks up to me in the hall and hands me a note.>
It reads: My dad like the new tree you planted in your front yard and he wants you to email him the name of it. He’s so weird. Don’t tell me, he’s so embarrassing, just email him so he doesn’t like, call you in class.
“That’s not weird, it’s a really cool tree.”
“Miss, just email him. I don’t want to talk about it.”
“See, I TOLD him you were gonna get weird about it!”
“Why aren’t you answering me? My tree isn’t good enough for you?”
“Yes, yes, it’s good enough, what’s it called?”
“A golden rain tree.”
“Why you won’t tell me the truth now?”
“I did – look it up.”
“If I look this up, and it’s not a tree, you have to give me a free 100.”
“Okay, but if you look it up and it IS a tree, and it’s MY tree, then you have to become an arborist so you never make this mistake again.”
<Looks it up.>
“MAN, MISS! I don’t even know what an arborist is! Do they like, work on arms or boards?”
“Oh.” <pause> “I’ve got to stop making bets with you…”


On how they all turned out.

<This week, I had a special visitor – one of the kiddos I taught my very first year teaching (and my second year, and my third year…) who is now graduating on time. He entertained me for just a bit, like he used to when he made common appearances on my first student blog – this was his last one: Change in College Degrees .>

<Looking at a photo of my former students that I keep in the classroom.>
“Well, so, what about her?”
“Oh, she’s still in school, yeah. She’s got like two more years, though, plus…”
“She turned out like, really hot.”
“What? She did, and no one expected it.”

On college prospects.

<Some students and I chatted about their futures yesterday…>
“I’m going to go wherever gives me a scholarship to play [football].”
“Just so long as it’s not Kansas.”
“Oh, GOD, no. Who would go to Kansas? Are they even a real school?”