life goals

On my comparative success.

<This week, one of my best friends is in town. Last week, I was discussing the impending visit with a student of mine when this discussion happened.>
“So, who’s coming to visit?”
“One of my best friends.”
“You got more than one?”
“Yes, the one who’s coming to visit is a doctor in Baltimore, and then my other one lives in New York and works for Rolling Stone.”
“Miss, do you just like, feel bad about yourself all the time?”


On why I’m a role model.

<Former student interrupts me talking to another kid.>
“Excuse me-are you wearing Joe Biden and Obama earrings?”
<grinning> “Yes, yes I am.”
“See, this is why I want to be like you. You’re weird and you do ridiculous things and wear stuff that adults aren’t supposed to wear and like stuff that adults are supposed to think is stupid and you’re just like….what? This is me!”
“It’s the only way to go through life.”
<Walks off.>”Goals, Miss. Confidence goals. Person goals. Everything goals.”

And then I had an internal moment of feels.

On achieving #lifegoals.

<Student pokes holes in the back of his notebook.>
“M—, you’re the worst.”
<Repeater student immediately leaps up.>
<Takes a lap around the room, giving handshakes and high-fives.>
“J—, what are you doing?”
“Finally, Miss! Finally, after over a year, someone else is the worst! It’s not me anymore!”

On goals.

As rocky as the start of the year has been, I am pretty pleased with my classroom…

…and my students’ contribution with their goals.

Photo Aug 29, 4 39 11 PM

Some of the goals were super-legit and real…

Photo Aug 29, 4 40 43 PM

Photo Aug 29, 4 40 05 PM

…some of them were pretty impressive…

Photo Aug 29, 4 39 50 PM

Photo Aug 29, 4 39 44 PM

Photo Aug 29, 4 39 36 PM

…and others are goals that I desperately want to see them achieve.

Photo Aug 29, 4 39 17 PM

Let’s do this, kids.

On my 90s attire.

“Miss, you look perfect today.”
“Oh, yeah, well, I do the nineties pretty well. I did live them, after all.”
“For real, Miss – those shoes? Clean.”
“That skirt? Clean.”
“Those glasses? Clean.”
“That hair, though…”
“What’s wrong with my hair?”
“Noooothing! It’s like, perfect!”
“One day I want to grow up and be like Miss V.”
“One day I want to grow up and realize that this outfit is just as terrible as her expression is telling us it is.”
“That’ll probably happen.”