real life lessons

On how books apply to real life.

<We’re reading Last Summer of the Death Warriors.>
“So, do we think that DQ’s mom is a good mom?”
<Class gives assorted answers.>
“Not even.”
“Okay, so we mostly think she’s a bad mom. Does this make her a believable character?”
<General murmurs of agreement.>
“You know those people, Miss, those people, who be like, ‘Oh, I don’t really like you until I want to put you up on my Snapchat.’ She one of those. She left him when she didn’t need him, but now she all up on Facebook like, oooo, y’all, my baby’s sick! Feel bad for me!'”


On my breaking-it-off style.

<One of my students is having a hard time leaving a negative relationship and came to ask for advice…with a supportive friend.>
“So, like, when you want to stop dating someone, what do you say?”
“I tell them I’m not feeling it and stop texting them back.”
“YOU BLUE DOT THEM, MISS? That’s even colder than I would even expect.”