Month: April 2016

On test questions.

“Who did this test, Miss?”
“Mrs. W—– and I. Why?”
“Y’all ask more questions than my mom when she asks me if I’m going somewhere.”


On peer futures.

<I look, astounded, at some rather…shoddy work a student turned in, as a different kiddo approaches the desk.>

“Miss, that kid’s going places. I mean, not college…but places.”

On how prescription glasses work.

“Miss, why you have your sunglasses on? We’re inside.”
“They’re prescription, guys. I haven’t had time to switch, and if I take them off altogether, I can’t see.”
“Do it!”
<I roll my eyes and comply.>
“You’re all blurry now. Just little blobs of color.”
“WAIT. Am I still black?”
“Yes – a prescription doesn’t change the color of what I see.”
“Oh. Damn. It’d be cool if it turned me like, Asian or something.”